INOC is a famous Japanese brand in field of Stainless Steel fittings. INOC (Changzhou) Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd. was established in China by INOC Corporation (Headquarters in Osaka, Japan) & Iwatani industry Corporation.

INOC Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer which produces and sells Stainless Steel flanges, Screwed pipe fittings, Welded pipe fittings, Ball valves, Sanitary pipe fittings & relative fittings according to the standard of JIS, ANSI, DIN, GB and etc.

INOC Co., Ltd. was set up on 2004 in Changzhou which supplys products to customers not only in China but also in Japan, America, Europe, Africa, Asia etc markets.

In Japan, since INOC was founded in 1959, INOC produced and supplied stainless steel fittings continually, especially in the fields of "Flanges" & "Screwed Pipe Fittings", "INOC" are well known in the market. Our products are applied to petrochemistry, chemical products machine, prevent pollution machine, nuclear power, power equipment, food, shipbuilding, medicine etc fields.
In order to meet the complicated requirments from worldwide customers, we not only supply our goods to them in time, but also supply pipe installations (engineering, procurement, construction ) to them. Customer satisfication is our first aim.
Everyday Inoc Changzhou continue to improve technology to make more customers know "INOC" brand and use our products.
Welcome to visit our company and discuss business!

INOC (Changzhou) Stainless steel products Co., Ltd
   Board chairman: MASAAKI Itoh

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